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300W -5Vdc ATX Power Supply
300W -5Vdc ATX Power Supply
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01.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 8MB SDRAM
02.5.25" Intel? Core?2 Duo CPU, Dual VGA, LVDS
03.200W ATX DCDC Isolated Power Supply 10-32Vin
04.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 32MB SDRAM
05.Intel 486DX4-100 CPU
06.ESA 486 Motherboard, Industrial Baby AT, 0k Cache
07.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 128MB SDRAM
08.CPU Heatsink & Fan, Custom for ESA TF-486 Motherboard
09.ESA 486 Motherboard, Industrial Baby AT, 512k Cache
10.Hard Drive, IDE, 2Gb+
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Attached Storage Attached Storage
Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Network Attached Storage (NAS) Storage Area Network.php (SAN)
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Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN) are the three main types of data storage commonly used today. Similar to a tool, each has its advantages given a specific application. DAS is typically suited for the local data sharing typical of a small to medium size business. DAS incurs lower startup costs than SAN or NAS but scalability is limited and costly. NAS is suited for small, medium, and enterprise size business applications. NAS offloads the File serving and storage functions while working nearly independently in the background. This results in a slightly more complex setup that can still be simple to manage. SANs are well suited for the enterprise environment of medium to large businesses. They are high performance storage networks that move data in blocks between servers and storage devices independent of the local area network (LAN). SANs are also well suited for critical data applications and large data bases.

Considerations for selecting a storage solution:

  • Budget
  • Performance - I/O and throughput requirements
  • Data Size - Is data (file level or block level)? How much?
  • Data Security - Backup and recovery requirements
  • System Scalability Long term data size requirement
  • Data Availability and Reliability
  • Support resources available

ESA offers high value DAS, NAS, and SAN solutions to fit your application. Use our configurator to fine-tune your system.

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