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5.25" AUPS sub-system, Intel? Atom? N270  9-28Vdc in
5.25" AUPS sub-system, Intel? Atom? N270 9-28Vdc in
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01.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 8MB SDRAM
02.5.25" Intel? Core?2 Duo CPU, Dual VGA, LVDS
03.200W ATX DCDC Isolated Power Supply 10-32Vin
04.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 32MB SDRAM
05.Intel 486DX4-100 CPU
06.ESA 486 Motherboard, Industrial Baby AT, 0k Cache
07.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 128MB SDRAM
08.CPU Heatsink & Fan, Custom for ESA TF-486 Motherboard
09.Hard Drive, IDE, 2Gb+
10.32mb EDO SIMM
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ESA Keeps Industrial Computers Alive

Boca Raton, FL, Nov. 18, 2005 -- Companies are eliminating or postponing millions of dollars in capital expenditures for upgrades in industrial computers by using the resources of Electronic Solutions Associates (ESA), which sells new motherboards that exactly match up with 15-year-old computers.

For example, the 486 Baby AT motherboard was used extensively in industrial product and test equipment for more than a decade but it is no longer produced by large manufacturers. While the premium-priced 486 Single Board Computer (SBC) with a passive backplane may be a drop-in replacement, the format change is expensive.

ESA is the leading company that specializes in 486 industrial motherboards in the legacy Baby AT format.

“Our customers are looking for ways to avoid capital equipment redesign. This is possible because ESA has held the TF486 Baby AT design stable for more than five years. Even a simple mounting hole change can be expensive, especially to customers with an installed product base of 25,000 or more. We anticipate no significant design changes moving forward,” said Tony Proia, President of ESA. “We have several customers that have forgone our premium drop-in Single Board Computer (SBC) option for the long-life TF486 with updated BIOS.”

“ESA customers are surprised to discover that, with a new TF486 motherboard, they can utilize updated hard drives, Disk on Chip, a watchdog timer, seven ISA slots, one shared PCI/ISA slot, and a Baby AT format that can accommodate a wide range of CPUs,” Proia continued. “Based on customer feedback, our product mission is to make this 486 motherboard available on a long term basis. This means that our customers gain more control over product market entry and the timing of new capital equipment acquisition by postponing or eliminating industrial computer upgrade and development costs.”

Electronic Solutions Associates is a unique source for application specific industrial computers and subsystems in the Value Added Reseller (VAR) market. It maintains its core of Fortune 500 customers with both cutting edge and legacy computing solutions.

ESA is privately-held and located in Oldsmar, Florida.

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