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486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 128MB SDRAM
486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 128MB SDRAM
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01.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 8MB SDRAM
02.5.25" Intel? Core?2 Duo CPU, Dual VGA, LVDS
03.200W ATX DCDC Isolated Power Supply 10-32Vin
04.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 32MB SDRAM
05.Intel 486DX4-100 CPU
06.ESA 486 Motherboard, Industrial Baby AT, 0k Cache
07.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 128MB SDRAM
08.CPU Heatsink & Fan, Custom for ESA TF-486 Motherboard
09.ESA 486 Motherboard, Industrial Baby AT, 512k Cache
10.Hard Drive, IDE, 2Gb+
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Board Form Factor
Max Motherboard size: width:     inches length:     inches
CPU Speed
CPU Type
ISA Slots
PCI Slots
Keyboard input
Disk On Module
Operating System
Segmented Bridged Active
Screen Size   inches
Panel PC
NIC Number of NICS   
Power Supply Minimum Watts   
Other options
USB connector (please note: Pentium class and higher/plus Windows 95B/98 only)
Serial ports (RS232) - number of serial
Parallel ports - number of parallel ports
Watch-dog timer
Y2K compliant
Fan support on motherboard
IrDA support
Low Power
Potential forecasted quantity or yearly requirements
Quantity needed now
You can also contact us at info@esapcsolutions.com

Special Notes: (please read)

1) If you are looking for a specific motherboard, please understand that for the most part, 486 motherboards are obsolete and out of production by all the major manufacturers.

2) IF you need help to identify a motherboard this can usually be accomplished by getting the BIOS number from the first boot up screen (the screen where the memory counts down). You can go to these web pages for more information:

For AMI BIOS motherboards: www.wimsbios.com/numbersami.shtml
For Award BIOS motherboards: www.wimsbios.com/numbers.shtml

3) Once you have identified the motherboard\'s manufacturer, you can go to their web-site for support. Sometimes they have updated (BIOS) files that can be downloaded and the latest manuals for that particular board.

4) Motherboard manufacturers come and go, and if you can find the one you need on line; you may be disappointed to find out that your board is no longer supported. In that case the best that can be done is to email their tech support.

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