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486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 32MB SDRAM
486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 32MB SDRAM
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01.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 8MB SDRAM
02.5.25" Intel? Core?2 Duo CPU, Dual VGA, LVDS
03.200W ATX DCDC Isolated Power Supply 10-32Vin
04.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 32MB SDRAM
05.Intel 486DX4-100 CPU
06.ESA 486 Motherboard, Industrial Baby AT, 0k Cache
07.486 Industrial Baby AT Motherboard, 128MB SDRAM
08.CPU Heatsink & Fan, Custom for ESA TF-486 Motherboard
09.ESA 486 Motherboard, Industrial Baby AT, 512k Cache
10.Hard Drive, IDE, 2Gb+
website security
Electronic Solutions Associates Computer Privacy Policy FAQ

Electronic Solutions Associates (ESA) respects your personal privacy and is committed to protecting all of the personal information shared with us. Web visits are an important part of our policy as well.  We want you to know about the type of information we collect and how we use that information.

  1. Why do you want to know my name and e-mail address?
    • For communications related to quotes, technical questions, marketing, and sales.
  2. Why do you want to know my credit card number and street address?
    • The credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing street address are required to process payments.
  3. How do you make sure nobody steals my credit card information?
    • The information is destroyed following each transaction.
  4. How do you use this credit card information?
    • ESA uses credit card information to process payments only.
  5. What other information do you keep track of, about me?
    • ESA sometimes collects job function and telephone number information.
    • Your internet (IP) address is logged to help us track visited pages and time on our site. This helps us target our products and services more effectively. Your IP address is not linked to any personally identifiable information.
    • By using ESA's site, you consent to our collection and use of your information as described in this document.
  6. Do you collect information from children?
    • No, ESA does not sell products to children.
    • Use of the ESA website by children under 18 years of age should be with adult supervision only.
  7. Do you share my information with other parts of your company?
    • No.
  8. Do you share my information with other companies?
    • Yes, ESA contracts with other companies to deliver services such as shipping, post mail and email, credit card payment processing services, and survey services.
    • ESA may disclose personally identifiable information as necessary when required by law to comply with legal processes, court orders, and government orders or to protect the property rights of ESA.
  9. Do you sell my information to anyone?
    • No, users' non-aggregated specific personal information is not currently sold, rented or made available to anyone other than ESA or its affiliates
  10. How can I start or stop receiving e-mail from you?
    • Check off the opt-out option clearly visible in our email advertisements or newsletters.
  11. Who can I contact if I have a question about my privacy?
  12. Is your privacy policy in effect when I click on one of your embedded links?
    • No, ESA's privacy policy is not in effect on websites owned by other companies.

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