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Long Life Cycle Computers Engineered for Industry

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Are you Tired of Obsolete Computers?

  • Concerned about picking the wrong computer or components?
  • Tired of off-the-shelf computers?
  • Do you struggle to support legacy buses?
  • Does your industrial computer look like a desktop PC?
  • Are you spending too much time in CCB meetings?
  • Does your “On-Print” computer undergo frequent changes?

We care about you and we care about your project

We’re an extension of your R&D and manufacturing operation

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Engineering Case Studies

Paradigm Medical

Paradigm Medical, a respected ophthalmology device company, determined that while doctors favored their auto perimeter device for its voice prompt and kinetic perimetry features, they requested that the system be updated. ESA functioned as an extension of Paradigm’s R&D department to modernize the device. ESA even helped man a trade show booth for Paradigm to learn more about how the device was viewed within the industry. Modern interfaces were introduced through proprietary motherboard add-ons and interfaces. Paradigm saw an immediate increase in annual revenue from new sales and field upgrades for the device and introduced the upgrades to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

L3 Technologies

L-3 Technologies, an aerospace, intelligence, and communications company, needed a key part for a tactical fighter aircraft test computer. The computer was manufactured by an ESA competitor and it was critical to place it into service immediately. L3 asked ESA to resolve the issue urgently. ESA prioritized the order, processed the shipment and had it on L3’s Receiving dock the next morning at no charge, eliminating time consuming processes and extra paperwork.

Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs, a leading medical diagnostic device company, was ready for a change. Their existing computer was from one of the “big 3” commodity manufacturers. The frequent model turnover was impacting engineering labor and driving a considerable change order and re-validation expense. After trying several other computer manufacturers, Abbott asked ESA for help. ESA designed and delivered a long life cycle-embedded computer saving Abbott 80% in change order expense for the 1st year of production and is on-track for 80% in total savings over a 5 year period.


MRA Tek, A primary developer of data storage ATE, chose ESA to design, manufacture, and deliver 125 custom legacy computers to their hard drive manufacturing customer in Asia. The problem? The excessive lead time and cost of shipping between the USA and Asia was beyond their budget. ESA quickly developed and executed a plan to send the proprietary U.S. components to an assembly partner in Asia which were combined with a custom designed chassis from another local Asian partner. Customer shipping costs were reduced by 85% and lead time was reduced by 50%.