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Your computer choice is critical. Don't sweat the details alone. Make it look easy.

“Our company has to support systems in the field that are older ISA/PCI designs.
We have worked with ESA for many years and they always come through with availability of several versions of these older motherboards and computer systems that allow us to maintain service to our customer portfolio.”

Engineering Supervisor, Schindler Elevator

Dave B.
Engineering Supervisor, Schindler Elevator

Satisfied ESA Industrial Customers

Otis Elevator

Your computer choice is critical; don’t sweat the details alone!

We understand your frustration and care about your project.

MRA Tek, a primary developer of data storage ATE, chose ESA to design, manufacture, and deliver 125 custom legacy computers to their hard drive manufacturing customer in Asia.  The problem? Engineers found that excessive lead time and cost of shipping between the USA and Asia was beyond their customer’s budget and schedule. ESA quickly developed and executed a plan to send the proprietary U.S. components to an assembly partner in Asia which were combined with a custom designed chassis from another local Asian partner.  As a result, MRA Tek engineers reduced customer shipping costs by 85%. Lead time was reduced by 50% and handling was minimized, resulting in zero damage to the computers on arrival at the end customer’s facility.

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