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Your computer choice is critical; don't sweat the details alone.

As a component engineer at Abbott, I have been working with Electronic Solutions Associates (ESA) since 2001. ESA has been helping us with solutions to resolve motherboard and system obsolescence for projects where we were able to manufacture and service the entire life of our instrument platforms.

One thing I like about ESA is that their proactive nature helps to resolve problems, both in production and in the field. My experience working with ESA has been fantastic, and the quality of the working relationship has never wavered.

I would recommend ESA to any organization needing engineering development from concept through production and service.

H. Pham
Component Engineer, Abbott Laboratories

Satisfied ESA Medical Customers

• Abbott Laboratories
• Amgen
• Hanson Medical
• Inter-Mountain Biomedical
• Medical College of Wisconsin
• Paradigm Medical
• Pyxis
• Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
• University of Miami Biomedical Engineering

Your computer choice is critical. Don’t sweat the details alone.

We understand your frustration and care about your project.

Paradigm Medical, a respected ophthalmology device company, determined that although doctors favored their auto perimeter device for its voice prompt and kinetic perimetry features, a system update was warranted. ESA functioned as guide and extension of Paradigm’s R&D department to modernize the device. ESA co-manned a Paradigm trade show booth to learn more about how the device is viewed by practitioners. Modern interfaces were introduced through ESA proprietary motherboard add-ons. As a result of Paradigm’s unique R&D effort, the company saw an immediate increase in annual revenue from new sales and field upgrades. Paradigm subsequently introduced their improvements to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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