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Micro Box 486 AT 8x ISA 1x Shared PCI Slot Computer


Equipped with ESA’s proprietary 486 ISA / PCI motherboard with 8 ISA and one shared PCI slot, this heavy duty steel electroplated chassis with a -20° – 60°C operating temperature insures harsh environment reliability.  Desktop or wallmount configuration.

  • Zfx86 SoC Based on 486DX4 Core with FPU
  • CPU Speed Adjustable; 100, 66, 33MHz
  • PC-100 SDRAM
  • 8x ISA & 1x Shared PCI Slot
  • Native VGA Display Output
  • IDE & Bootable CF Card Slot
  • 300W Power Supply
  • Watchdog Timer
  • GPIO
  • Washable air filter

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Micro Box 486

A true 486 ISA slot industrial desktop / wallmount computer. This ESA proprietary system is ready for your ISA cards with 8 available ISA slots (1x shared PCI slot). Speed adjustable CPU ships at 100MHz default frequency and generates near zero heat. Bootable CF card slot and the ability to accept AT or ATX power. On-board video frees up an additional a slot for an add-in card. The heavy duty, cold rolled, electroplated steel chassis has a washable air filter. Add-in card hold-down bar with individually adjustable fingers to keep cards solidly in place during movement or shipping.

Legacy Performance

The ESA-486AVR 486 motherboard is equipped with a hard-wired ultra low-power Zfx86 SoC rated at less than 1.5W @100MHz.  The Zfx86 SoC is built on a 100MHz 486DX4 core with FPU and is speed adjustable by jumper to 100, 66, or 33MHz.  The PC-100 SDRAM is also hard-wired and on-board video is provided through a Silicon Graphic controller.  Watchdog timer and GPIO in standard format.  IDE channels and/or the native bootable internal CF card slot are available for storage media.



Classic I/O

8x ISA slots, 1x shared PCI slot, 2x IDE, 1x FDD, 2x RS232,  1x LPT, AT keyboard connector, optional PS/2 keyboard and mouse connectors, 1x bootable internal CF card slot, 1x Mini PCI slot, and 1x VGA DB15 connector. 

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